Credits and Thank Yous

This page is dedicated to thanking all those good folks and business who support our mission.  Of course we can’t mention all of you but we will do our best and will be continually adding to and improving this page.   We will also add links to their sites as we gather them up.  We urge you to support them as thanks for their support of our community.


In 2014 we, SWPAF and Northwest Institute of Literary Arts (NILA) started collaborating on a project called “Write for Good“.  The goal of this program is to match nonprofits with writers who can help them tell their stories. We were fortunate to have two writers working with us in 2014; Deborah Nedelman and Sharon Belcher.  Here are their bios and links to their writings.

Deborah Nedelman, Ph.D., contributed a poem, “Saturday Swim Lessons,  and an essay, “Why Swim?” . Deborah has co-authored two non-fiction books, writes fiction and poetry, and is currently an MFA student at NILA. Her writing has appeared in Contemporary World Literature, The Masters Review, Literary Orphans, Persimmon Tree and other publications.

Sharon V. Betcher, Ph.D., contributed an essay, “Like a Fish to Water” that was published on the site. Sharon is an independent scholar, writer, “crip” philosopher and would-be farmer living near Langley. The author of two academic manuscripts, she increasingly ventures into the diverse genres within creative nonfiction. She won the 2012 WICA 100 short story contest and first place in the memoir category of the 2012 Spirit of Writing contest.



The photos on this site will probably be constantly changing and we do not always give credit to the photographers.  We will get better as this site matures.

David Welton -has made many of his photos available for us to use and many of the better ones on this site are his.  Thank you David.

Robbie Cribbs – has produced multiple videos for our community and several particularly for us.   Thank you Robbie.


Edible Book Festival

 Festival Prizes
Moonraker Books ($25 GF)
Book Lovers Book Exchange ($20 GF)
Casey’s Crafts ($25 GF)
Lind’s Freeland Pharmacy (2 GF, $25)
Wander on Whidbey (2 GF, $25 and $10)

The Roaming Radish (12 cupcakes)
Mukilteo Coffee (gift basket)
Useless Bay Coffee Co. (3 lbs coffee)
Village Pizzaria (GF for 1 lg pizza) +
Neil’s Clover Patch ($25 GF) +
Useless Bay Coffee Co. ($25 GF)

Useless Bay Coffee Co. (coffee for event)




Supports parks and aquatics activities on Whidbey Island, WA