Looking for new board members

  • Fundraisers and Grant Writers: to solicit donations, in both large and small amounts

  • Organizers: to manage events and volunteers

  • Writers & Designers: to create and deliver content for website(s), hand-outs, press releases, and social media

  • Marketing: to help create awareness of our org and mission via events, PR, websites and social media

  • Doers & Volunteers: to work events, help with programming, do research, etc.

  • Facilitators: to help us develop partnerships with other health, sports, non-profit, and targeted age group organizations


Here is our new website designed to tell you about SWPAF and what we do.  It is also designed to keep you up to date on past, present and future activities.  We also have set it so we can share the studies, stores, poetry, etc that inspire us to do this work.

Thank you so much for visiting and if you want to contribute time or money we welcome you.  


Supports parks and aquatics activities on Whidbey Island, WA