Edible Book Festival

The South Whidbey Parks and Aquatics Foundation sincerely thanks all who participated, attended, or sponsored the second annual South Whidbey Edible Book Festival held on Saturday, March 29th 2014.  The festival saw substantial growth: entries grew by 35% and attendance was 50% greater than the first year. Next year, expect to see new categories open to competition! We would like to give extra thanks to the generous sponsors: Book Lovers Book Exchange, Casey’s Crafts, Linds, Moonraker Books, Mukilteo Coffee, Neil’s Clover Patch, Prima Bistro, The Roaming Radish, Useless Bay Coffee Company, Village Pizzeria and Wander on Whidbey.

All funds raised by the event went to the South Whidbey Parks and Aquatics Foundation (www.swpaf.org), whose mission is to make parks and aquatics activities accessible to ALL residents of the South Whidbey community.  We donated the net profits to the Rotary Basketball Court project.  In September 2014, The Rotary Club of South Whidbey finished installing a full-sized, outdoor basketball court at the Community Park!  Aiding the Rotary with this project is an example of how South Whidbey Parks and Aquatics Foundation improves the quality of life for all South Whidbey residents by ensuring a fitness opportunity for all.

Both the South Whidbey Edible Book Festival and the South Whidbey Parks and Aquatics Foundation look forward to seeing you at third annual South Whidbey Edible Book Festival next year!


The International Edible Book Festival is celebrated all over the world as close to April Fools Day as possible. It began in France in 2000 and has spread world wide. Be inspired by your favorite book and create something edible.

The guidelines are – it can look like a book, it can act like a book, it can be a pun on a book. It can be inspired by a book cover or character. The only rule: it must be edible! Contestants may enter an appetizer, entree or dessert so get creative and have some fun. All entrees should be family friendly. There is no deadline for entry, but an email with your contact information, book title, entry title, name and age will allow us to plan for space. If possible a copy of the book cover or book itself can be displayed with your entry.

Find out more at our Facebook page – South Whidbey Edible Book Festival! For further information on the event, email southwhidbeyediblebookfestival@gmail.com or call Jill @ 360-341-6406.


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