An Aquatic Facility

In the Past…

  • The facility proposed in 2008, was not supported by the community primarily it was too big (50, 000 sq. ft) and too costly (15.2 million).

  • Construction and maintenance funded  by wholly the public via bonds

  • The public did not have confidence in Park & Rec’s ability to operate & maintain the facility.

The current draft is…

  • The facility would have 3 pools of varying sizes, depths, and temperatures, with 2 multi-purpose rooms and Park District staff offices.

  • Construction cost is currently at 75% less than previous plan due to streamlined plan and engineering developments in pool construction.

  • A fundraising campaign that would help pay for construction via corporate giving, grants, and donations.  Any remaining construction costs and regular facility maintenance, which has been drastically reduced, would be paid for by the public via a bond.   Once the pool is constructed, the South Whidbey Parks and Aquatics Foundation would labor to build an endowment for development and maintenance,  in order to reduce the future burden on taxpayers.

  • Doug Coutts, the current Park & Recreation District Director, has extensive aquatic facility management experience.


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